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     Wenzhou Stpete Electronics Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in a professional electronic connectors, electronic connectors and other development and production and sales. Excellent product quality, highly efficient transaction services to establish a good reputation at home and abroad customers. The company formerly known as Yueqing Stpete Electronics Co.,Ltd. in 1999 November changed its name to Wenzhou Stpete Electronics Equipment Co., Ltd. After just a few years of development and perfection, has advanced detection equipment and a full set of automatic production equipment, first-class technical force and strong financial strength, also have the core competitiveness and product series product design - mold - injection molding - the development of stamping assembly production. Products registered trademark "STPETE". Specializing in the production of AV with the core socket, boat shaped switch, tact switch, SIM connector, HDMI connector, connector strip and other series products. Companies over the years in the field of electronic components has maintained a leading position.
    The company has engaged in a number of new products research and development of engineering and technical personnel and Seiko production team, and with in different provinces sales agencies, some products are exported to Europe and the United States and has made certain achievements. Szentpeter electronic survive by quality, technology and development, "to provide high quality products and service for customers, to make their own efforts and dedication" as the modern life of the enterprise purpose for the majority of customer service, work together, create brilliant.


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